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Any of several subspecies of Canis lupus, which inhabits forested areas, especially. The eastern wolf also known as the timber wolf, Algonquin wolf or eastern timber wolf, is a canine of debated taxonomy native to the Great Lakes region and southeastern Canada. It is considered to be either a unique subspecies of gray wolf or a. Roster · Standings · Team Stats · Photos · Communications · Iowa Wolves (G-League) · Contact Us · Mobile App · @Timberwolves. The timber wolf can eat a lot of meat at one meal and then go without food for a considerable time. Though it does eat large animals like caribou, musk oxen. Timber Wolf · Timber wolves before you were born. Long ago, the land in Wisconsin provided wolves with the kind of habitat (food, water, shelter, space) they. Playing a major character in fairy tales and mythology throughout the ages, the gray wolf (or timber wolf) has been perceived in many different lights, from “. Although timber wolves are often called "gray" wolves, they aren't always gray. For the most part, they are brownish-gray in coloration, with. Timber wolf definition is - gray wolf; especially: a gray wolf (Canis lupus lycaon) originally of the eastern U.S. and southeastern Canada but with a range. Gray wolves, or timber wolves, are canines with long bushy tails that are often black-tipped. Their coat color is typically a mix of gray and brown with. gray wolf, (Canis lupus), also called timber wolf, largest wild member of the dog family (Canidae). It inhabits vast areas of the Northern Hemisphere.

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