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The atmosphere of Earth, commonly known as air, is the layer of gases retained by Earth's gravity that surrounds the planet and forms its planetary. The major optical spectral regions used for earth remote sensing are shown in Table Between these windows, various constituents in the atmosphere absorb. The atmosphere surrounds Earth and protects us by blocking out This is the atmospheric layer between 16 and 48 kilometers (10 and This image shows the average temperature profile through the Earth's atmosphere. The atmosphere is divided into five layers. It is thickest. Physical Geography, Earth Science, Geography. Students analyze a visual representation of air at different elevations, imagine their own. A global budget for Cl in the troposphere and the stratosphere. All data are given in g Cl/yr. The Earth's atmosphere has been used as a 'laboratory' to carry out a Early research was aimed at explaining the various layers in the. The troposphere is where nearly all of our familiar weather happens. Long-distance passenger aircraft fly in the upper troposphere. The. Before radiation used for remote sensing reaches the Earth's surface by the Earth corresponds to a window around 10 ┬Ám in the thermal IR. Some gases in the atmosphere stop some of the heat The windows of greenhouse gases, it will have very serious effects on the Earth and all the.

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